Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Firsts

-Visited Hawaii

-Ran a half marathon

-Ate sushi

What have you been up to lately?

Friday, April 24, 2009

The beginning of the end.

We got our senior year clinical rotation schedule today. Scary. I'm getting the party started with the Equine Medicine service! Clinics begin June 15th!


"You can see it's a team effort, because I'm in the back doing nothing." -FAM

"It wasn't really a walk, it was a Sling-Assisted Outdoor Experience." eq med

"What are events in a dairy cow's life? Her first mastitis. How sweet." -dairy herd health

Borrowed from small animal:

"What do you do next? (after viewing a lateral w/ a suspected foreign body) Take an orthogonal view! Great idea. We could have taped something to the outside of the body and radiographed it just to fool you. And see if you'd take it to surgery." -small animal radiology

Emergency & Critical Care
"What do they do on tv when a pateint's heart stops? Defibrillate. And what is defibrillation trying to do? Stop the heart. So this not actually an effective treatment for this. Shocking. Don't believe everything you see on tv."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Finals are lame.

I'm leaving for Hawaii on Thursday.

That is all.

Friday, February 20, 2009


You can't do this to horses or you'll get an explosion. -equine surgery

They bring you these horses, and they have like two teeth. And one of those is loose. "But he loves his hay!" Yeah, hunger is a good motivator -equine surgery

These are named after the German dude who found them in 1893. -Food animal med

Pigs like to forage around. They don't realize they can get foxtails stuck in their noses. -Food animal med

When Dr. L moves his head to the right, it means my accent is getting really bad. However, when he moves his head to the left it's really bad. It means he doesn't believe anything I am saying. -fa repro


You don't go to the grocery store and buy a nice piece of lung. But we export it! -beef herd health

Half of those animals are just losers. -FAM

You increase the fiber, just like in humans. You have to eat oatmeal. And salad. And fiber. -endocrine

In general, they need to be able to walk to find the females in heat. -fa repro

Bulls are not pets. They are killers. If they can get you to play they will smash you and kill you. -fa repro

Isn't that funny, that an animal is allergic to a product produced in it's own body. -fam

Hello, I have a photosensitizing problem. -eq med

It's amazing that these cows are alive. Until they drop over dead I guess. -herd health

So you still won't know where your SPAM came from. You probably don't want to know anyways. -herd health

It hurts my back. I don't want to. I look like a Christmas tree. -eq med prof's response to being asked to use a wireless microphone

In people, you only need 60% MAC of a 40 year old when you're 80. So, if you're 80 years old, you're walking around 40% anesthetized. -LA anesthesia

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day etc

I had such a great Valentine's Day. And I'm single.

Our Bible study group made Valentine's and gave them out at a local nursing home. = ultra feel good experience (selfish, yes. But the residents were still happy to see us).
I went shopping at the outlets, and all the stores were having CRAZY President's Day sales (the upside of the poor economy), so I indulged a long-time yearning for a really nice purse = ultra feel good experience (materialistic, yes. But it was 60% off, and I'll use it forever).
I went to yoloberry yogurt with one of my best friends. Froyo + friends = ultra feel good experience (and only moderately unhealthy because I added KitKat pieces to my yogurt).
A group of us went to the Punch Brothers concert (modern bluegrass group) at the Mondavi Center, a beautiful performing arts center on campus.
Then we went back to our house and had some drinks, just hanging out, shooting the breeze, etc. Such good times.

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

Also, a BIG thank you to all of my engaged/married friends who are so awesome and never make me feel like a failure for not being married yet. You guys are amazing and I love being a part of your lives. :)

Last but not least, PHOTO DUMP!!! (just borrowing the phrase, J Bo!)

Fizz, BDE (best dog ever) and I in Seattle for New Year's.

25th Birthday Silver Party! This is my roommate Lizzy and I.

Puppy + premeds = naptime! I neutered this dog shortly after the photo was taken.

The lamblets after the C section surgery!! All three were healthy and crazy and adorable. Too bad they grow up into worthless, stupid sheep.

Little found a warm spot while I was folding laundry.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quote Madness!!

Long time no post. Updates:
-surgery #4 last week (I was the anesthetist), success.
-Bday silver party, success (pics to be posted eventually).
-Professors, out of control (see below).

I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself because I have bilateral vestibular disease. -neuro

When you give drugs, they have effects. Side effects? Bull s***. -neuro

I think it would have been fun to be a flying dinosaur. -Kristin
I think it would be great to be a flying anything. -me
Well, I think it'd be great to be a noodle. -Lizzy

Nobody cares about dinosaurs. They all died. -Kristin

This dog thought that when you touched it, death was the sequela. -Derm

You'll see 5 lambs following a rattlesnake. They're not all going to come back. -sheep herd health

No winking! There should be no winking during the procedure. There should be no winking and there should be no listening. -large animal anesthesia

Which of the following accurately depicts the events that we call maternal recognition of pregnancy in the cow?
b. At day 19, during a cow’s sleep, the Cow Fairy whispers in her ear that a most happy event is to occur, and the subliminal excitement causes her to forget to lyse her CL.

You probably go to bed every night thinking about the importance of colostrum. -FAM

I am glad you are reading English. After 15 minutes my pronunciation is going down and down. -FA repro

Did I fail to notice the 6 L of blood on the floor? -LA anesthesia

Colonel Sanders would have had marketing problems if his product was "fuzzy baby chicks." - sheep herd health

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Dear

"Tilters and Rollers: Understanding Canine Vestibular Diseases"
-heading for neuro lecture